Frequently Asked Questions

Where is 79 Auman located?

79 Auman is located in Quebec City, Canada. 

What certifies the level of gold in the jewelry I bought?

On all the jewelry produced by 79 Auman, a hallmark (14K or 18K GP) is struck indicating the level of gold in the jewelry. A hallmark is an official mark certifying the level of purity of gold.

What is the difference between 14-karat solid gold jewelry and 18-karat plated gold jewelry?

14-karat solid gold jewelry are made of 58.3% gold and 41.7% alloyed metals. You will be able to keep these jewelry all your life, these will never tarnish.

Our 18-karat gold plated jewelry are made of steel and are covered with 3 thin layers of 18-karat gold. This is a good compromise if your budget is smaller.

What is the shipping process?

Please refer to the Shipping & Returns page for all the information.